Student Handbook

Beginning the Music Major or Minor

Students wishing to major or minor in music should enroll in Comprehensive Musicianship I, Musicianship Skills I, applied studies in a Major Instrument or Voice (MUSC 227), and an ensemble in their first semester at CSB/SJU. In some cases, students can complete the requirements of a music major beginning slightly later, but they find less difficulty in beginning immediately. Minoring in music offers more flexibility, but the department still recommends beginning in the first year.

The Music Major:
Applied Lessons

Priority for applied lessons is given to students who have declared or are seriously considering a major or minor in music. It is recommended that students receive permission from the instructor prior to registration. Students unable to participate in applied lessons should note that the Music Department offers other courses with opportunities for musical instruction and involvement. These courses include class voice, class guitar, class piano and a variety of ensembles.

Exception to Music Scholarship Policy

CSB/SJU Music Ensembles

Student-led Ensembles:

  • CSBeats
  • Johnnie Blend
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