Multicultural Student Services

Our Mission

Multicultural Student Services empowers and educates students to intentionally develop mutually trusting and culturally agile* relationships.

Cultural Agility  - we define “cultural agility” as the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective leadership in an ever-changing diverse community. We are interested in helping leaders (1) understand their own culture and how it shapes their experience, (2) understand and appreciate cultural difference with others, and (3) incorporate this knowledge into their interactions and decision making. We need leaders who can operate with broad perspective and leaders who operate in a way that benefits from all the diverse talent in our office. of leaders in our region to provide effective leadership in increasingly diverse communities.

Our Vision

Multicultural Student Services aspires to model transformative inclusion in our immediate and global communities.

Multicultural Student Services believes that learning to effectively navigate differences and new environments is an essential part of a liberal arts education. Our Inclusion Visioning Statement calls us to integrate this priority into all aspects of the life of the institutions.

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