The McCarthy Center Mentor Program

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The Eugene J. McCarthy Center Mentor Program intends to pair CSB and SJU students with professionals across various fields to offer a roadmap for networking and mentorship.  Through informational interviews, job shadowing, resume and cover letter critiques, and career discussions, students will gain a greater awareness of the avenues for success in political, personal, and professional life.

Program pairings are finalized during October each year.
Mentor Program Goals:

Gain Knowledge: 

To gain knowledge about professional options and opportunities within and beyond the Bennie/Johnnie network. 

To gain professional knowledge about applicable communication skills. 

To gain knowledge about personal development and pathways to success. 

Gain Experience: 

To gain experience in creating and building a professional network. 

To gain experience in written and oral communication. 

Improve Skills: 

To improve skills in areas including, but not limited, to: 

Social media networking 

Interpersonal networking skills 


Professional communication 

Cover letter writing and resume writing

Polidazzle '18

Opportunities arranged by the Mentor Program:

Polidazzle - An annual networking event for CSB/SJU students, alumni/ae, staff, faculty, and anyone else interested in public policy and civic life that occurs each fall. This gathering offers an opportunity for students to connect with community leaders/professionals who share a passion for public policy and civic engagement. Please feel free to invite anyone who you think is interested. This reception is an open house that includes drinks and hors d'oeuvres. If you are interested in learning more about Polidazzle, please click on the heading above.

Campus Connections - On-campus meetings that are arranged by the McCarthy Center staff in order to offer students easy and convenient opportunities to connect with community leaders.  If you are a Mentor interested in meeting with a small group on mentees on campus, please email  

State Community Leader Visits - At mentors' convenience, the McCarthy Center staff will arrange transportation for small groups of students to visit with community leaders within the state of Minnesota. If you are a professional interested in offering one of these opportunities, please email