Integrations Curriculum

DEAL Reflection Prompt

In order to create some standardization of the way we assess learning outcomes, in particular those that require indirect measures, CSB and SJU will be using the DEAL Reflection Prompt in many of our courses. While the prompt is required for some learning outcomes such as Metacognition and Collaboration, many instructors have found it a useful teaching tool for many other learning goals.

The DEAL Reflection Prompt is a nationally-recognized way of promoting high-quality, thoughtful student reflection.

The reflection prompt has three basic parts:


Students are asked to provide a brief description of the experience or content they are reflecting on.


Students are asked to critically examine what they learned.

Analysis of Learning

Students are asked to critically reflect on the process of learning.

A standardized version of this prompt will be used for assessing the Collaboration and Metacognition learning goals, as well as many of the Engagement requirements. Faculty may use the DEAL prompt provided, modify the DEAL prompt to fit the course, or use other written assignments to be assessed for the learning goals. Copies of the DEAL prompts for the above learning goals and Engagements can also be found on the Course Proposal Forms page. They are also listed below:

More about the DEAL method of reflection: