Integrations Curriculum

Course Proposal Forms & Teaching Guidelines

Integrations Curriculum Overview and How to Apply for Designations

For information or questions, please email General Ed Curriculum.  

Committee co-chairs:
Pedro dos Santos, co-chair, AY 23-24
Peter Ohmann co-chair, AY 23-24

IC Application Deadlines:

  • Nov. 10, 2023 – For courses that seek to add IC designations that will be offered in the FALL 2024
  • Feb. 16, 2024 – For courses that seek to add IC designations that will be offered in the SPRING 2025.  
  • Note on deadlines:
    • Due to the volume of proposals, please submit proposals to the GECC as soon as you can.
    • The GECC will continue to review proposals on a rolling basis and will do their best to accommodate course designation requests throughout the semester, including applications submitted post-deadlines. 
    • The GECC can consider course designation requests for courses that are ongoing on a case by case basis. Once a course has been graded, designations cannot be reto-actively added.

Notes on Application Submissions:

  • If you are submitting IC designation applications for a new course (a course that has not been offered previously), please also fill out a New Course Proposal Form.
  • When completing a course proposal form, please consider that your proposal will be read by faculty from a variety of disciplines. Please tailor your answers to an audience that is likely from outside your discipline.
  • Please submit your course proposal by filling out the Forms Manager form at the links below. For each designation, there is also a Microsoft Word version of the proposal form provided to aid in drafting the course proposal (please do NOT submit the Word version - it is for personal use only).
Ways of Thinking
Cultural and Social Difference
Note: All faculty teaching a class with this designation must submit an individual proposal.
Benedictine Raven
Quantitative Reasoning

Removing a designation from a course