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What is general education at CSB and SJU? It is the way we ensure that all of our students receive an education that develops them as deep thinkers; connects them to foundational thinkers of the past and present; connects them to other cultures, other societies, and other communities; connects them to each other; gives them the skills to flourish; and provides them with learning that is relevant and meaningful. Our Integrations Curriculum is built around four key elements: Connected Learning, Engaged Learning, Purposeful Learning, and Learning Core Skills.

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The Integrations Curriculum is guided by three design principles that put student interests and education first.
  1. Integration – the namesake goal – is achieved by asking students to make meaningful associations between courses through intentional reflection, themed courses and more, and providing framework that amplifies those connections.
  2. High-Impact Practices – seven high-impact practices are embedded across the curriculum to bolster engagement, performance, outcomes and satisfaction among all students. Examples include writing-intensive courses, common intellectual experiences and our Integrated ePortfolio.
  3. Liberal Arts and Sciences Education – by recognizing the value of a liberal arts and sciences education, the Integrations Curriculum asks students to acquire a broad base of knowledge that develops a range of skills while also enriching personal and professional experiences.