Integrations Curriculum

Engaged Learning

Think Beyond the Classroom

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green asteriskActive learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. Students will participate in three experiential activities and submit a reflection prompt guiding them to relate their academic experience to their environment and activities.

See the current list of approved Artistic Engagement (AR) events.

The Integrations Curriculum places a premium on experiential-based learning and recognizes that learning takes place both inside, as well as outside, of the classroom. The curriculum has three Engagement requirements intended to provide students the opportunity to have guided experiences that allow students to reflect on what they have learned. Artistic Engagement recognizes the important learning that occurs when we engage with the arts. Experiential Engagement provides students an opportunity to use internships, research, and service opportunities to extend, apply, and refine their learning. And Global Engagement ensures that our students become thoughtful and informed global citizens.

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Integrated ePortfolio

Students will fill their Integrated ePortfolio with artifacts of their time at CSB and SJU. Artifacts can be anything but will likely include papers, engagement prompts, projects, presentations, research summaries and performances. This ePortfolio will then serve as an academic resume for the student’s use after graduation – reflecting the skills and experiences they received through the Integrations Curriculum.

Integrations Curriculum

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