Integrations Curriculum

Core Skills

Marketable Skills for a Lifetime

core skills chart depicting Marketable Skills for a Lifetime

blue asteriskStudents will complete three required courses focused on building core skills critical to academic and professional success, such as speaking, writing and quantitative reasoning.

teal asteriskThis designation is embedded in the curriculum and ensures students can understand and evaluate arguments using quantitative data.

Certain skills are critical for academic and professional success – the ability to speak and write well, to collaborate on group or team projects, to think critically about information, to meaningfully reflect on one’s learning and thinking, and to read and use quantitative data. This part of the curriculum emphasizes building the core skills of speaking, writing, collaboration, information literacy, metacognition, and quantitative reasoning. Students take one course each in Learning Foundations and Learning Integration in addition to a course with a quantitative reasoning designation.

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Integrated ePortfolio

Students will fill their Integrated ePortfolio with artifacts of their time at CSB and SJU. Artifacts can be anything but will likely include papers, engagement prompts, projects, presentations, research summaries and performances. This ePortfolio will then serve as an academic resume for the student’s use after graduation – reflecting the skills and experiences they received through the Integrations Curriculum.

Integrations Curriculum

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