Multimedia Assignment Menu

This Multimedia Assignment Menu is designed to help inspire instructors to incorporate multimedia assignments into their coursework. The menu is maintained by Instructional Technology and the CSB and SJU Libraries, and we encourage instructors to consult with their liaison Librarian or an Instructional Technology Specialist to discuss your ideas. We can help you strengthen the information and media literacy components in one of your existing assignments, adapt one of our menu’s sample assignments to fit your needs, or plan an entirely new assignment around your specific learning objectives.


We've organized sample multimedia assignments into the following categories:

Faculty Feedback
When I wanted to use Teams in partnership with Ulster University in B Block, Josh joined a class to do a quick tutorial, Ethan and Cathy had some great sessions I added to prep for the year, Adam jumped in at the end of the term to coach my on incorporating FlipGrid into my Canvas course, Adam was at the ready to come help some issues on echoing in Simons 300 and Aaron super helpful on some editing for McNeely Year End events. Each and every person was incredibly responsive - and knowing we have the support system and resources to try in approaches to delivering course content as well as learning deliverables was very great for both faculty and students this year. Thanks so much! .
—Margrette Newhouse
I’ve worked closely with the staff from Instructional Technology for years. I’ve found them to be not only knowledgeable about both technology and instruction, but also kind and patient, willing to offer insights into how best to accomplish my educational goals in the time I’ve allotted for the project. Thank you so much, IT staff!
—Katie Johnson
I worked with Annie Larson and Jonathan Carlson to develop two different assignments incorporating information literacy with health literacy in each of the introductory nutrition courses, for non-science majors and for science majors, during spring 2021. I appreciated having both Annie and Jonathan for their unique expertise in each setting -- Annie covered internet literacy from the perspective of non-science majors while Jonathan covered searching the scholarly sources for scientific evidence. For the non-science majors, students sought out reputable resources to find recipes that could meet an individual health goal based on current guidelines. For the science-majors, students researched a diet trend for a hypothetical case study. Both Annie and Jonathan gave me useful feedback as I wrote up the assignment for the students, and effectively planned how our time would be used, especially balancing the hybrid of in-person and remote learners. I was impressed with the students level of incorporation of general internet searches and scholarly sources in researching diet trends, and energy of both Jonathan and Annie to empower the students for their research. I will do this assignment again and look forward to working with Annie and Jonathan again. They assisted with three courses in spring 2021, and I learned something from them each time!
—Laura Bauer
Your Canvas modules for Learning Foundations gave our FY students uniform training in information literacy. It benefits all faculty who can expect that students have had this training in common. I will be using them going forward in Learning Foundations and I'll use some in other courses for a "refresher." Group research projects provided a way to create community among small groups of students during the pandemic and they could access many library resources remotely. I relied very heavily on the librarians for these projects. My students made individual appointments with reference librarians for their projects as well. I've been relying on colleagues in Instructional Technology increasingly over the last few years. I've learned loads about the possibilities for digital humanities projects from them. Every time I come in with an idea about what I want my students to do, they embrace it with enthusiasm! My students have created blogs, digital museum exhibits, and podcasts. I focus on teaching the skills from my discipline; my colleagues in Instructional Technology and the libraries show students the best databases for their projects and teach them the appropriate platforms for multimodal presentation based on my courses' learning goals.
—Beth Wengler

Thank you to instructors who were willing to share their assignments for others to learn from. If you have an assignment you'd like included please contact Miranda Novak.