Sexual Misconduct

In Case of Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted by a stranger or by someone you know, you should:

  1. Call 911 and campus security right away if you are in immediate danger.
  2. Call a supportive person, someone from the residential life staff or an advocate from a crisis line.
  3. Get medical help. Do not shower or clean yourself in any way after a sexual assault. Important physical evidence can be gathered up to 120 hours after an assault. You may also have physical injuries that need attention as well as concerns about pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Decide whether to file a report with the police and/or campus security. Consider meeting with the human rights officer to obtain information about filing a complaint under our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures. Sexual assault is a violation of the state criminal code and the CSB and SJU Sexual Misconduct policy. Violators could face disciplinary action under CSB/SJU internal disciplinary process and/or the state judicial system.
  5. Seek support and counseling. There are a variety of confidential resources both on and off campus that can assist you.

For more information on how to make a report on campus or with local law enforcement and to receive supportive resources, contact Tamara Hennes-Vix, Lead Title IX Coordinator at CSB, (320) 363-5601; Patty Weishaar, Lead Title IX Coordinator at SJU, (320) 363-2113; or Chantel Braegelmann, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, (320) 363-5071.