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Honors Scholars

For Community and Collaborative Leadership

The Honors Scholars program at CSB and SJU transcends traditional academic models to create something extraordinary; the program creates purposeful, value-driven leaders who strive to make a difference in the world. CSB and SJU Honors Scholars pride themselves on their shared love of learning and they relish their exchanges of ideas and challenging questions. These exchanges go beyond the classroom walls to everyday life. 



  • Priority course registration
  • A brand-new Honors Hub opening in 2023
  • A fall pinning ceremony
  • Courses with experiential learning built in
  • Acknowledgement of the completion of All College Honors on your transcript
  • Special recognition at graduation along with a distinctive cord
  • All courses fulfill Integrations Curriculum requirements for graduation
  • Team-taught courses fulfill two Ways of Thinking

Distinctive Courses

The coursework includes a set of five Honors classes connected by the theme “community.” Through these interdisciplinary courses, students will learn to apply concepts, methods, theories, and skills to complex social issues. The four-year program involves undergraduate research, experiential learning and developing proposals and strategies for enhancing the common good of the community.

The final two courses are designed around a student-led research project developed with community partners, like the Stearns Historical Museum, the Great River Regional Library, the Boys and Girls Club, Ana Marie’s Alliance, and Habitat for Humanity.

Honors program courses are created to fit within the framework of the CSB and SJU Integrations Curriculum.


Community-Based Research

The Honors Scholars program’s distinctive curriculum transforms knowledge into action – leading to social justice through change. Students participate in community-based research in partnership with Honors faculty fellows. By helping them discover their unique gifts, we challenge students to make an impact on a global scale.

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See our five Honors courses connected by the theme “Community.”

Honors Courses


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CSB and SJU’s Honors Scholars for Community and Collaborative Leadership has been supported by a Humanities Connections Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Dr. Beth Wengler
Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of History
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Associate Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of Philosophy
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