Dietitian Consultations

Registered Dietitian

 All Nutrition services are provided on campus by Licensed, Registered Dietitian, Rachel Schneider. Call 320-363-5605 for more information on any of these services.

 Nutrition Counseling and Education

 Appointments are available on Tuesdays.

 Appointments range from a 60-minute initial visit to a 20-40 minute follow up visit.

 Nutritional counseling can address:

  • Wellness, athletic performance, vegetarian/vegan diets, achieving and/or maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Medical conditions such as eating disorders, diabetes, anemia, food allergy/intolerance, irritable bowel disease, and high cholesterol.

Nutrition education can address:

  • How to eat a balanced diet in the dining halls.
  • How to assemble a meal or menu, meal prepping and planning.
  • How to shop for healthy, budget-friendly meals.
  • Establishing a healthy food pattern/routine.


No referral necessary.

To make an appointment, call 320-363-5605 or schedule online via Patient Portal.


There is no charge for dietitian appointments; however, if you do not show up for your appointment or cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, your student account will be billed $20 for the missed appointment.