Medication Delivery

Coborn's Pharmacy in St. Joseph has entered into an agreement with CSB/SJU Health Services that medications prescribed by your own provider can be picked up by a Health Services staff member and brought to campus. 

All 3 Steps Must be Complete to Ensure your Medication is Delivered.

  1. Call your pharmacy or provider and ask them to call/fax your prescription(s) to Coborn’s Pharmacy, St. Joseph, MN.
  • PHONE: 320-271-1135
  • FAX: 320-271-1137

    2. Call Coborn’s Pharmacy and provide them with the following info:
    • Name of Medication
    • Payment Information (medication must be paid prior to delivery)
    • Insurance Information
    • Personal Phone Number
    • Inform Coborn’s Pharmacy that a CSB/SJU Health Services staff member will pick up the medication.

    1. Call CSB/SJU Health Services (320) 363-5605
    • Notify the staff you have a medication to be picked up at Coborn’s Pharmacy.
    • Inform them which campus you will pick-up your medication and allow 2 business days for the medication to be transferred to campus.
    • Pick-up your medication(s) at the clinic you requested.
      Pick-up hours: 8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.
      Lottie Hall LL 010, CSB or Mary Hall 001, SJU

    Controlled Substances such as certain ADD/ADHD medications or narcotics cannot be picked up by CSB/SJU Health Services staff.