Global Business Leadership

Internship Overview and Requirements

GBUS students complete four hours of Experiential Learning in the GBUS major.

Internships include both an on-site component and a classroom component. The on-site component involves hands-on experience in an organization with supervision and mentoring by a site supervisor. The classroom component (done via Canvas in the summer) includes class discussions, a series of readings and reflective assignments and a final reflection paper. Students are required to organize and execute a site visit with the faculty moderator and the site supervisor.

What are the hallmarks of an internship?

  • Work experience that connects to and enriches your academic business education
  • Intentional plan for professional mentoring to help you gain valuable skills for your career
  • Exposure to business management and leadership activities
  • Professional skill development
  • Career exploration & reflection

What steps should I take?

First, visit with your faculty advisor about your four year plan, your dreams and goals for life post-graduation, and your thoughts and wishes related to an internship. Don’t forget to use all the resources offered by XPD.

Next, reach out to the applicable GBUS Internship Coordinator, who will provide any necessary additional information and assign a faculty moderator to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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