Global Business Leadership

Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Global Business Leadership Department prepares students for business careers in diverse organizations and for graduate education. The program enhances students’ critical thinking, communication skills, and understanding of Benedictine values. The foundation in the liberal arts and Global Business Leadership discipline enables students to become responsible citizens, ethical leaders, lifelong learners, and innovators.

Outcome 1

Propose solutions to business challenges that reflect vision, passion, and engagement

  • Distinguish and differentiate the personal, strategic, and entrepreneurial opportunities living and working in a globally interconnected environment provides
  • Evaluate and select solutions to challenges that employ vision and passion through effective critical thinking and reasoning skills via challenging course materials, class dynamics and team collaboration

Outcome 2

Demonstrate creativity, innovation, and organizational systems skills

  • Construct novel and useful solutions to business challenges and opportunities formulated in strong written and oral modes of communication
  • Select multiple, diverse resources, tools and knowledge to research business challenges and opportunities and construct solutions supported with research data, appropriate forecasts, and innovative presentation of business data

    Outcome 3

    Evaluate and select business options based on social responsibility & ethical decision-making principles and practices

    • Evaluate business situations using multiple ethical frameworks, considering the interests of an organization’s stakeholders, weighing social responsibility and cultural differences in selecting business options
    • Distinguish the impact of political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environment dynamics which constrain and provide opportunities for organizations

    Outcome 4

    Evaluate key business functions

    • Appraise the interplay of the key foundational business functions to design sound solutions to business challenges
    • Construct quantitative and qualitative analysis of business challenges that incorporate ethical, legal, regulatory and global contexts of business
    College of Saint Benedict
    Saint John’s University

    Kingshuk Mukherjee
    Chair, Global Business Leadership
    SJU Simons 264