Global Business Leadership


When you get a Global Business Leadership degree from CSB+SJU, you will have an unparalleled set of skills and leadership qualities to help you succeed in the 21st-century business world. Our students gain the foundation to become inclusive leaders with vision, passion, and empathy in an increasingly globalized world, filling their role as effective and ethical citizens. You will also be prepared for transition. You will change jobs and careers multiple times throughout your professional life; our broad-based approach to business education helps foster successful transitions to new careers and new industries.

For students who enroll at CSB+SJU in the fall of 2021 or later, you can shape your education to fit your dreams and goals by pursuing a concentration within the study of business:

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Nonprofit and Social Innovation
  • Self-directed Business Studies

For students choosing self-directed business studies, your faculty advisor will work with you to select from a wide array of elective classes to develop the background skills to achieve your goals.

For students enrolled at CSB+SJU prior to the fall of 2021, the Global Business major includes an intensive sophomore cohort experience and an array of 300-level course options.

Our department focuses on innovation, and we understand the value of business education in a liberal arts environment. As a Global Business Leadership student, you will understand the complexities of getting things done in a diverse, multicultural world filled with ambiguity and possibility.

Essentially, students who graduate with a degree in Global Business Leadership are ready to excel in life after CSB+SJU.

Integrations Curriculum requirements satisfied by GBUS classes:
Integrations Curriculum Requirement

MATH 124: Probability and Statistics

Abstract Structures, Theme encounter (varies), Quantitative reasoning

ECON 111: Introduction to Economics

Social World, Quantitative reasoning

GBUS 321 Marketing Theories, Concepts and Practices

Theme encounter: Truth

GBUS 330 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior

CSD - Systems / GLO

GBUS 332D Business and Public Policy

Thematic encounter: Justice

GBUS 361 Law and Business

Theme encounter: Justice

GBUS 381 Advanced Global Strategy

Thematic encounter: Movement

GBUS 394/397 Practicum/Internship

Experiential Engagement (EE)

Specifics by concentration:
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Nonprofit and Social Innovation
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Saint John’s University

Kingshuk Mukherjee
Chair, Global Business Leadership
SJU Simons 264