Financial Report

Joe Mucha '66Total Giving

Saint John's had an impressive year in fundraising for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, raising $22.6 million in gifts and pledges, which includes $20.5 for the University and $2.1 for the Abbey. This is the highest annual total for the University throughout the current capital campaign. Since the beginning of the capital campaign Forward Ever Forward, Saint John's has raised approximately $144.5 million.

Joe Mucha '66
Chair, Board of Trustees

Total Giving by Year

Dan Whalen '70Annual Giving

This past year, Saint John's achieved notable results with our Annual Fund campaigns, raising $3.9 million in unrestricted annual gifts. This included $2.8 million for the College of Arts & Sciences Student Fund and $381,210 for the Abbey, as well as all-time records for the School of Theology and Seminary ($363,823) and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library ($274,567).

In addition to unrestricted Annual Fund gifts, Saint John's University raised $5.2 million in restricted annual gifts and the Abbey raised $428,947. This brings the total restricted and unrestricted annual giving to $9.5 million for Saint John's University and Abbey.

Dan Whalen '70
Chair, Resource Development Committee

Annual Giving

Tom Schnettler '79Investment Report

Saint John's University investment portfolio had a return of 3.4% for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. This is consistent with the investment returns that our peer colleges and universities experienced, and it is comparable to the Blended Index, a mix of 70% S&P 500 and 30% Barclay's Aggregate. Looking back over the past decade, our portfolio, on an annualized basis, has matched the Blended Index at 7.1%.

The fund balance for Saint John's University endowment increased from $168.9 million on July 1, 2014 to $169.5 million for the year ending June 30, 2015. This increase was the result of the combination of new gifts to the endowment of $2.8 million exceeding the net investment returns and draw from the endowment.

Tom Schnettler '79
Chair, Investment Committee

Who Gave

Total Giving: Gifts to the University and Abbey from all sources totaled $22.6 million.
Who Gave

College of Arts & Sciences Student Fund: Gifts to the Student Fund totaling $2.8 million provided vital support for student scholarships and financial aid.

The Student Fund