Student Spotlights


Zaida Ramos '22

Dallas, Texas

Mathematics, Secondary Education, and Hispanic Studies

"First-generation means being a leader, the product of your parents' success/sacrifice and most importantly the example for the next generation. I am proud to be the first because I know that from here on out, everything I do will reflect on my siblings, kids, and grandkids. I am honored to be here, and I'm honored to represent my parent's hard work."


Laosue Hang '21

Freseno, California

Communication and Theater

"Being a first gen to me means that my degree isn’t just about myself. It means that I am doing this for my family and everyone who never had the opportunity I did. I am proud to be first because I get to set an example for those who come after me like my niece and nephews. Mainly I also get to make my parents proud that they made a great decision to come to the U.S so their child can get a better eduacation."


Lucas Vetsch '20

Monticello, Minnesota

Psychology and Sociology

"You've made it this far for a reason. Keep working hard, ask questions, and take advantage of the many resources that are available here."


Melissa Yang '19

Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Being a first generation student doesn't mean carrying the world on top of your shoulders alone. My advise to other first-generation students would be, 'Don't measure other people's success to yours and vice versa. Do what makes you happy, because that's what makes you great!'"