Kelsey Tatarek '18



Majors: Hispanic Studies and Natural Science
Minor: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Hometown: St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Why study ESSS at a liberal arts college?

I chose to study ESSS at CSB/SJU because I am both an athlete and a coach. This minor is very helpful in further understanding the mechanisms and physiology that go into an athlete’s development and training. Also, the ESSS minor allowed me to further develop coaching techniques and my coaching style.

What makes the ESSS minor at CSB/SJU unique?

The ESSS minor is unique because it allows for students to take a variety of classes, ranging from more science-based courses to coaching courses. I enjoyed studying a variety of my sport-related interests — from coaching courses and sport psychology to understanding many of the mechanisms behind exercising and how to increase athletic performance.

What has your experience with the CSB/SJU ESSS faculty been like?

I have had great experiences with the ESSS faculty. All the professors I have taken a class from are experts in their field and provide a rich understanding and passion for the course material. Also, not only do the ESSS faculty care about your development in the classroom, they take time to aid in students’ development outside of the classroom.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you have faced?

Overall, the science-based courses I have taken through the ESSS department have been difficult due to the nature of the material. However, these classes have also been some of my most rewarding classes due to the breadth of knowledge I have gained and that I am able to apply the material to my athletic career and exercise routine.

What advice do you have for students considering minoring in ESSS?

I highly encourage anyone who is either an athlete or interested in athletics to pursue an exercise science and sport studies minor. Through my experience as an athlete, this minor has increased my understanding immensely of how my exercise regimen and technique impacts my overall athletic performance. From a coaching perspective, I also highly encourage this minor because it not only exposes you to the science behind improving your athletes’ performance, but also provides students with practical tools that they can use in their coaching careers and provides hands-on experiences to further develop you as a coach. Ultimately, the ESSS minor provides a unique blend of opportunities and experiences for students at CSB/SJU.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

I anticipate using my Hispanic Studies major through pursuing a career in international relations. I hope to work abroad and use my Spanish skills in both my daily life and career. Also, I plan on using my exercise science and sport studies minor through continuing to coach soccer.