Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy is a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict with a major in Management and a Coaching Certification minor.  Currently, Julie works at Saint Cloud Cathedral High School as an Activities Coordinator. She credits her athletic related jobs (working with the softball team, intramurals, summer sports camps, and sports information, all on-campus) during her time at CSB/SJU for shifting her interest from working in a business setting to working in athletic administration, a field that she has come to love.

While attending CSB/SJU Julie completed all of the Coaching Certificate classes and credits the ESSS department for more than adequately preparing her for her graduate and professional experiences. When asked about how CSB/SJU impacted her after her graduation she said,

"I had the opportunity to learn many skills that I use everyday in my occupation; time management, athletic training, practice plans, parent communication and many more. The department was very much about hands on experiences - learning by doing has helped me get my foot in the door in every position I have held. The power of "word of mouth" from professors in the department kept the ball rolling and allowed me to practice what I had learned. In my graduate experience, I relied on my coaching experience when it came to speaking in front of a group. I used my 'coaching voice' and was confident in the presentations I shared to my cohort. This was a direct reflection of the ESSS classes and the opportunities presented to practice 'coaching' to our classmates while at CSB/SJU."

Julie now serves as a role model everyday for high school students that look up to her. She credits the professors from CSB/SJU and from the ESSS department, especially the strong female role models for providing her with inspiration and motivation to become the role model that she is today.

Julie's advice to future students involved in the ESSS department:

"Follow your passion, find something that you love and figure out how you can do it for the rest of your life.  Get your foot in the door, somewhere, anywhere! Word of mouth is a powerful tool, when your parents told you "it's not what you know, it's who you know" they weren't kidding! Use your professors to help link you to someone in your interests. Follow up with speakers who come to your classes. Don't be afraid to work for free, it will probably be temporary, but you'll have an iron in the fire. Finally, college is the best time to coach and officiate, you have the most flexible schedule, use your time wisely and start building your connections in the athletic community."