Joquel Rudningen

Major: Biology

Working with Experience

“I have always wanted to coach! Sports have been a huge part of my life, and I want other athletes to benefit from the experiences I have had. A good coach is so important to any athletes’ success, and I hope that I can give to others the lessons I have learned.”

For Love of the Game

“Volleyball is my favorite sport, because I have had so much fun to learn, play and coach the game! I think there are so many good aspects of volleyball: teamwork, the excitement you generate with your players, and the thrill of succeeding in something you all worked for. Also, I love the quickness, and power required. It is a fun sport that takes much skill and practice, and it’s so rewarding -- no matter what the result.”

Strong and Powerful

“I have changed a lot my past two years at CSB and SJU. I am more confident in myself and my abilities, and I know that I can succeed at what I set out to do. As a student here, you will become engulfed by the way of life at CSB. You really become what CSB is all about: powerful, strong, independent women."