Erin McGlinch


Why study ESSS at a liberal arts college?  

Studying ESSS at a liberal arts college was a fantastic way to start my future in medicine. By receiving a background in several subjects, I feel more capable of approaching problems from different perspectives. I was also able to continue doing things I love, such as taking piano lessons in the music department.

What makes the ESSS minor at CSB/SJU unique? 

The department exceeds at working to connect information to a student’s other classes. My biology major was compounded by what I learned in my kinesiology or exercise physiology class — giving me an even better understanding of how the body works.

What has your experience with the CSB/SJU ESSS faculty been like?  

The faculty of the ESSS department at CSB/SJU are all so willing to put in extra effort to see you succeed. I have always felt comfortable asking for help or explanations when I did not fully understand. The willingness to connect to students also is incomparable, and a huge benefit when it comes time to ask for reference letters.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you have faced?   

While I was abroad, a friend and I backpacked across a difficult trek in Tasmania. Not only did I experience incredible views, but I also found myself pushed to have greater confidence in my abilities and who I was. This challenge taught me how important it is to take a risk and trust in your own strengths. My new outlook has led me to feel more comfortable facing other challenges yet to come.

What advice do you have for students considering minoring in ESSS?  

I would highly recommend sitting in on a class. I took my first ESSS class because I had extra space in my schedule, and then I changed my minor within a month. The professors’ teaching styles and interest in the subject are exceptional, making watching it firsthand invaluable. I would also just advise interested students to go in and talk to any of the professors to get an idea of how the ESSS minor could fit.

Did you study abroad? If so, how did that experience influence you?  

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Australia in the spring of my junior year. The Australia program had the benefit of being able to enroll in different courses at the University we were at, which allowed me to take ESSS classes while abroad with a slightly different perspective. My experience as a whole taught me far beyond what I learned in the classroom as well.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

I will be taking a gap year and then apply for medical school with a specialty in a sports medicine related field.