Beth Stegora

From the time Beth Stegora started at CSB she knew she wanted to go to physical therapy school. Beth was drawn to the sports medicine minor because many of the courses related to her physical therapy interest. Beth believes that that small class sizes and the hands-on experiences were valuable in preparing her for a graduate education in physical therapy.

“I believe the minor has given me the essential skills for assessment, evaluation and diagnosis that will give me a large advantage in the doctorate of physical therapy program,” said Stegora.

During her time at CSB, Beth was active in a variety of organization including the Sports Medicine Club and Joint Events Council Executive. Beth studied abroad in Australia , volunteered as a Student Orientation Leader, and was a Psychology Lab Instructor. Beth also worked as a Sports Medicine Assistant in Saint John's University training room. There she worked with several teams including the 2003 Division III National Champion Football Team.

Throughout her time at CSB she volunteered and interned in various medical settings in order to gain valuable practical experience to better prepare herself for physical therapy school. These settings included a hospital working in acute and chronic rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, homecare physical therapy, and orthopedic surgery. More recently, Beth has volunteered with HealthCorps/AmeriCorps in California where she worked with developmentally delayed adults. Beth is currently deciding whether to attend the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Southern California or the University of California at San Francisco.

Beth’s advice to current and future Sports Medicine students: Take advantage of the learning opportunities by “being innovative and going beyond the basic requirements.”