Beth Schiller


I initially became interested in the sports med minor because of my interest in sports and science. I'm currently in my 3rd year of physical therapy school at the University of Minnesota, approaching graduation in less than 2 months! Over the course of graduate school I have realized that physical therapy is the ideal occupation for me. In fact, I feel very lucky to have found something that I enjoy so much.

The sports medicine faculty and the courses that were offered at CSB were the main reason I chose this field. I was exposed to course content that I really found interesing... muscles, joints, mechanisms of injuries, kinesiology, etc. I used this background knowledge everyday in PT school and now during my clinical rotations.

Don and Julie were helpful in sharing information about what graduate school in exercise science or physical therapy might be like. They assured me that this challenging course content and a little hard work would prepare me for PT school. They were right!

My advice: Study for each class like studying for a career. Don't stress about specific questions that an exam might ask, but enjoy learning the concepts. It will pay off later! If you are interested in any type of health & fitness career you must take Sports Med minor courses. I was not able to work in the training room, but the hands on experience would have been helpful as well.