Abby Neigebauer

Abby Neigebauer is a 2012 CSB Sports Medicine graduate. She graduates CSB/SJU with a NCSF Certification and hands on experience working as a personal trainer in the CSB Fitness Center. According to Abby, "That experience was great for getting my feet wet and really gave me the chance to put what I learned at CSB/SJU into practice. Working as a personal trainer at St. Ben's completely reinforced my love for this career and helped me realize this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!" She now is a lead personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness and is in charge of their metabolics program and the TEAM program. When asked about how the Exercise Science and Sports Studies department helped to prepare her for her current career she said, "I learned so much about metabolics at CSB/SJU and also how to work with a variety of personality types (which is incredibly important for our TEAM program). I can't imagine being where I am today without the help of the ESSS Department!!"

With the help of the Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department, Abby quickly found a career in a field that she "absolutely love love loves!"

Abby's advice to future students taking courses in the ESSS Department or pursuing a Sports Medicine minor:

"All the long hours of studying and difficult classes (especially Don Fischer's!) are 100% worth it! Looking back, I'm so so thankful for my ESSS professors. They honestly do want you to succeed and everything they do is for a purpose!"