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Websites and Organizations with Job Listings

The Web resources below offer either comprehensive search capabilities or are targeted to specific agencies/organizations. These represent only a fraction of the resources available on the web. The old adage about voting applies here: apply early and apply often. Some positions will receive hundreds of applications, especially those in popular places like Yellowstone NP, while others in more remote areas (Alaska, for example) may go begging for applicants.

Comprehensive Searches

Environmental Career Opportunities
This is an online database with links to environmental jobs in various fields of study including environmental policy, legislation, international environmental jobs, conservation and natural resource jobs, environmental advocacy and environmental education. In order to get access to all job opportunities you must pay a monthly fee. The job offers posted on the web each had links to contact information. I would be willing to pay to have access to this site because of all of the variety of environmental jobs posted.

This is another comprehensive online database with links to environmental jobs in natural resources, such as forestry, wildlife biology, natural resource management, watersheds, non-profit organizations and government organizations. Within each category, you can search for jobs in any region, or search for jobs by specific state. This website is a free comprehensive search engine for environmental jobs. There is much more of a focus on environmental science and biology on this site, however there are job opportunities for those with a concentration in the humanities or social sciences.

Environmental Yellow Pages
This is a website with links to at least twenty other search engines in the field of environmental studies. There are also links to resume tips and application suggestions all related to specific fields. There were several listings for jobs applying to those in the field of chemistry. This is a strong site for those in the fields of biology, chemistry, political science, peace studies and management. This would be a wonderful place to start a search for a career in the field of environmental studies.

EE Portal
This is a regional, Minnesota-specific search site primarily focused on environmental education opportunities and resources.  It is regularly updated to provide listings of regional environmental news, jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.  It also provides links to sister sites and a calendar of events.

MN Clean Energy Job Board
This website posts all-jobs clean energy available in Minnesota. Positions stem from companies in the energy efficiency and renewable energy fields, and is updated regularly by employers.

Green Job Search
Green Job Search is a website for employers to post open positions within environmental fields, including conservation ecology, renewable energy, farming, wildlife, and more. You can browse jobs by category, state, or city to find jobs nearest you. 

Environmental Careers
This website lists open positions from features companies such as the World Wildlife Fund, U.S> Forest Service, and more. Search positions by location, company, or field interest. 

Ihire Environmental
This jobs database is continually updated with jobs in environmental fields across the country. Refine your job search based off of experience, location, employment type, recently posted, and more.

EcoLeaders Community
This website, run by the National Wildlife Federation, provides career building skills and job searches for students interested in careers in the environment and natural sciences. Get involved with their online conferences or become a campus representative.

Non-profit Organizations

Student Conservation Association
The Student Conservation Association is an organization which provides students with conservation service opportunities, and outdoor leadership training and education for young adults. The mission of the SCA is to provide the next generation with a group of conservationists to continue to educate the public about the importance of preserving the natural world. Internships can be searched by length, location and field of study. There are several opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is an environmental organization involved in protecting and preserving the lands of both the United States and the world through conservation and education. The Nature Conservancy has a large database of new jobs within organization. Jobs apply to those majoring in, management, communications, biology, political science and environmental studies. There are combinations of short-term jobs, internships as well as careers posted on the website. There are hundreds of job opportunities in the United States, as well as abroad. You are also to search for jobs by location on this website.

The World Wildlife Fund
The World Wildlife Fund in an international organization committed to conservation and preserving the natural world. The WWF has played a major role in the international conservation movement with over 5 million supporters and 28 offices worldwide. There are several international job opportunities through this organization including jobs in Canada, Australia, China, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Jobs can be searched by location and apply to those with backgrounds in a wide variety of fields.

The Orion Grassroots Network
The Orion Grassroots Network is a organization composed of over 500 grassroots organizations nationwide. The OGN is committed to grassroots environmental change through conservation, education, restoration and environmental justice. There are job opportunities in a wide variety of fields including administration, advocacy, conservation, education, farming and agriculture, fundraising, journalism, law, outreach and research. Jobs can be searched by state and field desired.

Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
This is a comprehensive website of all non-profit positions available throughout the state of Minnesota. Job positions ranging from board member to unpaid internships are available and are regularly posted by employers. Positions can be searched by location, job type, organization activity, and job category.

Conservation Corps- Minnesota
The Minnesota Conservation Corps is a non-profit whose work is based around the restoration of our natural resources. Work as a summer intern, lead educational programming, join a field crew, or receive individual placement in a non-profit or government agency. The Conservation Corps now has offices in other states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Federal Government Positions

Environmental Protection Agency
There are numerous opportunities for employment through this government agency applying to individuals in a large variety of majors including management, natural resource management, economics, political science, communications, biology and chemistry.

This additional site is also a part of the EPA and it has a database of all available positions across the country. Individuals are given the opportunity to register themselves and post resumes to apply for specific jobs. There is also an option to simply browse the posted jobs before registering into the system. There are numerous opportunities for employment in a wide variety of fields.

National Park Service
This site has a much more specific focus. There are links to those interested in working for the park service as a park ranger, being a member of administrative staff, the US park police, as well as trade, maintenance and craft. There are separate requirements for each of these positions, and salaries are listed with reference to qualifications of the individual. The majority of jobs listed on this site would apply to biology majors, although other majors are welcome to apply to various positions. There is also a need for research scientists within the parks to ensure the progression and safety of various ecosystems and habitats.

Bureau of Land Management
The BLM is an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior, which administers approximately 265 million acres of public lands. The BLM offers careers in the forest service and fire program services. The fire program employs both permanent and seasonal job opportunities, and there are a wide variety of positions within the fire program. There are about 10,000 jobs in the BLM today, and over 20,000 volunteers. The BLM is a wonderful opportunity to start a career directly related to protecting and preserving the nation’s public lands. Most jobs are offered in the western states, where the majority of BLM lands are located. The site offers links to several job opportunities and information about the BLM.

The United States Forest Service
The United States Forest Service is an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The forest service is responsible for managing the nation’s national forests. There are currently full time positions and temporary positions available in the USFS. The majority of jobs available are related to fire prevention and management programs. However, there are links on the site to other jobs within the Department of the Interior.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior. There were no direct links to available jobs on this website. However, individual jobs are posted on the website as they become available. Currently, there are 24 positions available through the Department of the Interior in the Office of Law Enforcement. Duties include the protection of fish and wildlife areas, and control of human activities within these areas. This is not a strong site to search for jobs generally. The jobs posted are fairly specific.

State/Local Government Positions

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
While there are currently no jobs posted on the DNR webpage, it gives benefit and salary information, as well as information on the application process, forestry and firefighter positions, and internship, conservation corps, and volunteer opportunities.

State of Minnesota Careers
This jobs database has position openings posted from throughout the state of Minnesota. Search openings by location, field, agency, function, and time of position posting. Create an account to apply and receive notifications when new positions within your interest are posted. 

Minnesota Environmental Health Association
The MEHA page posts position openings in the environmental health field, as well as provides links to the career and job postings pages of the national, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota EHA. The MEHA also offer free memberships to students with access to scholarships, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
The site posts three links of information on permanent, seasonal employment opportunities as well as internships. Most of the permanent jobs listed would apply to biology or natural science majors with a focus in natural resource management. There are also positions listed for park managers and park rangers on this site, although these jobs also require a background in natural resource management and ecology. There are also links to internships by location in the state of Wisconsin for those interested in pursuing internships through the DNR.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources
This is a wonderful website with links to several job opportunities in the DNR. There is information particularly for college students to get in contact with a recruiter who works with college graduates specifically. Job opportunities include, Forest Nursery Technician, Information Technology Administrator and Personnel Operations Manager. There are also opportunities for season employment if forest fire suppression and natural resources. Job opportunities through the DNR would apply to those in the fields of management, natural resource management, biology and ecology.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has position offerings within the air, water, and waste fields. Associated groups are SEEK and the Minnesota GreenCorps.

International Positions

ENDS: Environmental Job Search
This is a website from a company based in the United Kingdom. There are various opportunities offered through the website, although they are located for the most part, in the UK. This is a great resource for those wishing to explore careers abroad. The website is updated once a week, and there are hundreds of jobs listed alphabetically. You also have the option of entering in your information and searching that way.

Careers Job Search
This job search page has positions posted locally and internationally, and positions can be searched for based on organizing program, job location, and job family (conservation, philanthropy, marketing, etc). You can search and review jobs without registering. Or, by registering to the website you can upload resumes, apply online, and access their online career tools.

The World Resource Institute
The World Resource Institute is an independent research and policy think tank working to find practical ways to protect the environment and improve the lives of citizens.

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