Environmental Studies

Student Testimonials

Environmental studies students have positive things to say regarding the major. There are a number of students who are eager to describe their experiences, so read their interviews below to learn what makes environmental studies special.

Girl in a sweatshirt and hat standing on a hill

Sam Meeker '23 (he/him/his)

"Take a wide range of environmental courses to find what fits you best. There are so many options, so explore to find what avenue you want to pursue for your future career."

Girl in a hat standing by a mountain

Gabriella Backes '23 (she/her/hers)

"I really enjoyed taking Humans and the Environment. Learning about prairies and restoration ecology was super cool!"

Girl in overalls smiling on the shore of a lake

Betsy Ruckman '23 (she/her/hers)

"My Intro to Environmental Studies class was literally life-changing! I liked the "extra credit" challenges that pushed me to try eating plant-based, reduce my waste, and put myself in positions that disrupted the way I thought about the world."

Guy sitting on a rock on the edge of a river

James Siems '23 (he/him/his)

"I am most passionate about the recognizing the importance of ecological interactions on Ecosystem health, and also the impact of climatic change on these ecological interactions.

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Sean Fisher '23 (he/she/they)

"All the E.S. classes I have taken have been amazing and fruitful, but I felt a true change in my perspective when taking Gender and Environment with Dr. Corrie Grosse.

Guy in flannel shirt in the dark holding a bag

Josh Nelson '23 (he/him/his)

"Take a range of environmental classes. It is a wide field and there are so many different paths you can take with the major.

Smiling girl on a boat in a blue shirt

Mariko Hermerding '23 (she/her/hers)

"The easy accessibility to the outdoors and the friendly, knowledgeable faculty/staff introduced me to the wonders of ES and the opportunities it brings.

Girl in tank top in front of old building

Miriam Nelson '23 (she/her/hers)

"Take time to try new things and find your passion, and when you do, put your time and energy into that one thing. Become knowledgeable in your passion and then teach others about it!"

Guy in jacket sitting in front of clear water

Jack Grabinski '23 (he/him/his)

"I enjoyed Intro to Geographic Informations Systems. In this class, I learned about cartography, working with geographic data sets, and making maps on the GIS software. I'm kind of a nerd for maps and working with data sets, so this class was a perfect fit for me."

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