Environmental Studies Graduates

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Environmental studies graduates from CSB/SJU have helpful advice and information to share with students who aspire to major or minor in environmental studies. The department has graduates in a variety of fields, so explore this page and read the numerous accounts from alumni.

See what our 2010-2018 graduates were up to during their first year after graduation!

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Cassidy Calcaterra '20

Brian Koch

Brian Koch '17


Sophia Polasky ('06)

kate sinner

Kate Sinner ('08)


Molly Roske ('08)


Tyler Thompson ('16)

Other Graduate Profiles:

Morgan Durbin ('18) - Environmental Education Program Instructor/Fulbright Scholar

Mitchell Lampe ('17) - Graduate Student in Architecture and Sustainable Design

Ashley Phillips ('17) - Planning and Environmental Specialist, Bureau of Land Management

Maddy Longley ('16) - Project Construction Coordinator

Madi Sundlof ('16) - Business Development Coordinator

Tyler Thompson ('16) - Outdoor Recreation Specialist

Katie Spoden ('14) - Volunteer

Stephanie Pinkalla ('14) - Lobbyist

Joan Doss ('13) - County Planner

Scott Schroeder ('13) - Pollution Control Specialist

Kristi Schammel ('12) - Graduate Student in the School for Public and Environmental Affairs

Kayla Altendorf ('12) - Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota, Featured in the  College of Saint Benedict Magazine: Winter 2015 issue

Steve Dahlke ('12) - Graduate Student at the Colorado School of Mines

Ashley Ver Berg ('10) - Transportation Planning Analyst

John Smith ('09) - Employee at the Will Steger Foundation

Brandon Baker ('09) - Interpretive Naturalist, Eastman Nature Center

Kate Sinner ('08) - Environmental Engineer

Sophia Walsh ('08) - Environmental Health Specialist in Mason City

Jason Hoffmann ('08) - Staff Scientist at ATC Associates

Molly Roske ('08) - Executive Director, Non-Profit, Ecuador

Nate Ptacek ('08) - Video Editor at Patagonia, Ventura, CA

Sophia Polasky ('06) - Graduate Student

Jordan Hoaglund ('06)  - Community Planner with the National Park Service

Katy Pfannenstein ('06) - Fish Biologist, Habitat Restoration Program, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Eli Typhina ('05) - Graduate Student 

Jenny (Stephenson) Dixon ('04) - Environmental Protection Specialist with the US EPA Headquarters' Office of Solid Waste

Sean Flannery ('01) - Developer for a Wind Energy and Solar Energy Firm