Kyle Busta '19

TruNorth Solar - Solar Installer

How did you hear about your internship?

Through an environmental panel brought together by the Environmental Studies department.

How did you obtain this internship?

I got this internship by collecting the company's contact information, emailing my interest to work with them, and finally setting up an interview.

Please describe the responsibilities of your internship

3/4 of my internship involved the nuts and bolts process of the solar industry. Here I worked with a construction crew installing residential/commercial ground mounts and roof systems. I learned nearly every aspect of the installation process and enjoyed every second of it. 1/4 of my internship involved the business side of the solar industry. This included meeting with clients, forming proposals, doing research on innovative technologies, and administrative tasks. 

What were the highlights from your internship?

The task I am most proud of was being able to lead my own solar installation project. It was super fulfilling to be able to apply my knowledge and give step by step instructions to the crew. 

How did your internship connect (or not connect) to your coursework?

The internship connected greatly to a lot of my coursework. Integrating renewable energy is talked about in nearly all of my classes, especially Energy and Society. I found it super fulfilling to be able to integrate a healthy energy and society relationship. 

How did your internship connect (or not connect) to your planned career?

For my future plans, I have thought about joining the Air Force. The AF offers several opportunities in the solar field that include installers, supervisors, and designers. My ultimate goal is to obtain my flight certification through the AF and if I can install solar while obtaining it, great!