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"It's important to study environmental studies because environmental studies can unlock the keys to the world."

Conservation. Business.  Activism.
Government. Education. Consulting.
Justice & Equity. Outdoor Recreation.
Engineering. Renewable Energy.
And So Much More.

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In the Classroom

research the challenges we're facing as individuals and as a species
  • Undergraduate research and experiential learning are key pillars of the major, including summer research assistantships, internships, field experiences, and a capstone thesis project completed during the senior year.
think critically from many perspectives
create & communicate system-wide solutions

Jack Grabinski  '23 (he/him/his)

"I enjoyed Intro to Geographic Informations Systems. In this class, I learned about cartography, working with geographic data sets, and making maps on the GIS software. I'm kind of a nerd for maps and working with data sets, so this class was a perfect fit for me."

Miriam Nelson '23 (she/her/hers)

"When you think you need it (and sometimes even if you don't), ask for help. Your professors can be your most important resource on campus, and if you ask, they may be able to assist you with whatever your questions or concerns may be.

build meaningful relationships with mentors

In the Community

build solutions to the climate crisis, the biggest crisis of our time

students at COP 25 negotiations

  • CSB/SJU student delegates attend the United Nations climate negotations each year as part of our Global Climate Policy class. The students conduct  original research at the COP. Learn more.
  • solve climate by 2030CSB/SJU environmental studies hosted the Minnesota power dialog on climate change and justice. Events were held in all 50 states on April 7, 2020 - check out the videos!

learn through internships, service, recreation, and employment
Thomas Hobday '24 (he/him)
Summer Camp Instructor - Montana Natural History Center

"I helped foster in kids a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment by taking them to different natural locations around Missoula, Montana and giving them lessons on the natural world around them."

Mariko Hermerding '23 (she/her)
Summer Programs Support Intern - Happy Dancing Turtle

"Thanks to my time at Happy Dancing Turtle, I understand how non-profits operate and with this experience I feel more confident going into the future." 

Madeleine Partch CSB '21Madeleine Partch '21 (she/her)
Saint John's Abbey Arboretum - Student Land Manager

"Seeing the results and understanding the benefits of the work I was doing made going to work really exciting." 

More About Internships

96% of graduates are in full-time employment, full-time volunteer service, long-term employment, or continuing education within 1 year of graduation.Read more about graduate surveys and results.