Our English program inspires your
creativity|problem solving|story.

What’s your story?

Our flexible English program empowers you to create, analyze, express, and enact your best life story.  Our alumni pursue successful careers in marketing, education, law, medicine, software design, editing and publishing, and more.


Why Study English at CSB+SJU?

  • English cultivates critical thinking. Our students solve interpretive problems and explore how language forms our experience.
  • English fosters beautiful, meaningful, and persuasive writing that can make change happen. 
  • English leads students to see the world from different perspectives expressed in poetry and story from around the globe.

Program Overview

Our English program combines creativity with purpose.  We guide students to write and speak clearly, to think critically, to research effectively, and to apply knowledge to real-world situations.  Our innovative classes include editing and publishing, environmental literature, and medical humanities. We also collaborate with the Literary Arts Institute to bring nationally recognized authors into our classrooms and encourage our students to become authors themselves. As a result, our alumni thrive in a wide variety of careers including editing and publishing, teaching, law, medicine, counseling, software design, and communications and marketing.

Meet the Profs

Teacher-scholars, creative writers, and caring advisors


Hands-on Learning

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Life as an English Major

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