The Education program emphasizes
compassion.|ethics.|critical thinking.|interpersonal communication.|inclusivity.|engaged learning.

Do you want to inspire the minds of the next generation? Classroom teachers have the unique ability to connect and educate young students to help them learn essential life lessons that go beyond the classroom.


Why Study Education at CSB+SJU?

Education students at CSB and SJU are prepared to be exemplary teachers who have a solid liberal arts background, exemplify Benedictine values, and can make professional decisions that help all students achieve their full potential as persons and as responsible world citizens in a democratic society. The education faculty and our cooperating teachers in the field are known for their commitment to equity in education and use of research-based practices.


Program Overview

As an education student at CSB and SJU, you will receive valuable clinical experience in local classrooms throughout all four years of the program. The education program emphasizes compassion, ethics, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication. The liberal arts environment prepares students to be teachers who have the values and skills needed to be sought-after candidates in our ever-changing world.

CSB and SJU offers various licensing options, including:

Elementary Education (K-6), K-12 licensure in Art, Music, and English as a Second Language, and secondary licensures (middle and high school) in English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and World Languages.

Meet the Profs

Committed to developing teacher candidates.


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