Find success in
business|finance|government|public policy|law|academia|analyzing data|becoming a global citizen
with our economics program.

“Economics teaches us how decisions influence our society and economy.”
–Danielle Berg ’18

“Economics exposes you to analytical skills and real world experience.”
–Jake Braun ’18


Why Study Economics at CSB+SJU?

Graduates find success in their post-college academic and professional careers – including work in business, finance, government, public policy, law and academia. For students interested in pursuing opportunities in management and finance, law and policy, international development, or graduate studies in economics go to the Academic and Career Advising section.

A flexible program allows students to pursue other areas of academic interests as well as to participate in study abroad programs.

Students can complete the Economics major in four different ways:

  • A major in Economics
  • A major in Economics with a Policy Concentration
  • A major in Economics with a Finance Concentration
  • A major in Economics with a Data Analytics Concentration

Program Overview

The Department of Economics helps students understand economic behavior and how the economy creates wealth and contributes to well-being. Students can study international economies, economic development and growth, labor markets, industries and businesses, financial markets, monetary economics, public policy, environmental economics and other important topics.

An undergraduate research seminar and project helps students gain valuable skills in understanding economic problems and in preparing and presenting high quality research using careful analysis and quantitative tools.

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