SJU LaCrosse Club Constitution

I. Purpose
The lacrosse club offers students at SJU an opportunity to actively learn, participate in and enjoy the sport of lacrosse. Members of the Club represent SJU in competition within the Upper Midwest Lacrosse League, a subdivision of Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association.

II. Membership
Any member of the SJU student body is eligible to join the Club, pending academic eligibility as determined by the UMLL and the MCLA. Club members must:

  • Take the sport seriously
  • Work hard to improve/polish their lacrosse skills
  • Represent the Club and his school respectably
  • Attend all practices and schedule events

Failure to meet any previously state expectations will result in a penalty to be determined by the officers and coaches. Club officers reserve to right to suspend or expel any current member from the team for any conduct detrimental to the team.

Officers of the Club will do everything in their power to ensure fair treatment of all team members but cannot be held responsible for the actions of all Club members. Should a concern arise, any member of the team may request a meeting with the Club Officers to discuss the matter and decide a proper course of action.

Should any member of the Club decide that they do not wish to continue participation, he must inform the Club Officers either in writing or verbally. Should the termination of participation occur prior to the start of the spring season, the player shall be reimbursed 1/2 of the dues paid by that member.

III. Dues
The Club reserves the right to charge dues to all club members as needed throughout the season. The largest portion of the dues will be collected in two payments: one prior to the start of the fall season and one prior to the spring season. Dues from each player will cover costs incurred by the team which include, but are not limited to: league dues, travel expenses, equipment expense, fines, etc. The Club also requires participation from all members in any organized fund-raising activities. Although the Club makes all efforts to defray costs, members must be made aware that substantial personal monetary expenditure may be necessary in order to maintain full participation in the sport. The amount of dues required from each player will be determined by the Club Officers prior to the beginning of the fall season.

The Club also requires each player to write one deposit check, which will not be cashed, at the beginning of the fall season covering all uniforms and equipment issued by the team. If the member does not return his uniform or team-issued equipment after the spring season, his check will be deposited into the Club’s account.

IV. Club Board
The Club Board will be made up of Club Officers. The Club Officers include: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary of Travel and Accommodations, and Secretary of Fields and Equipment. Elections of new officers will be held after the completion of the spring playing season. The officers are nominated by active members of the Club Board and confirmed by a majority vote of that Club Board. An officer may be impeached for improper, or lack of, performance of duties. A verbal or written warning by the President will initiate a vote by the entire team. The impeached officer will be relieved of duties if a 2/3 majority of active Club members vote in favor of such action. Impeachment of the President requires a warning from the Vice President and a 3/4 majority vote by active Club members. The President has sole veto power over any impeachment other than his own.

V.Officers’ Duties
President: The President is expected to oversee the organization of the Club in accordance with the CSB/SJU Benedictine tradition. The President will delegate any duties deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the team to officers and/or Club members. The President will work towards assuring a positive experience for all members of the Club and will be responsible, within reason, for assuring a positive experience for all members. The President will oversee the scheduling of games, tournaments, and team functions. The President of the Club will be expected to conduct himself in a respectable manner befitting his position and should lead by example in all his activities and behaviors pertaining the club.

Vice President: The Vice President is expected to follow the duties set by the President and aid in overseeing the other officers and Club members. The Vice President is to be considered the liaison for the Lacrosse Club to all members, current and prospective, and will be responsible for maintaining good relations with the school offices, the student body, and other teams within the league. The Vice President answers directly to the President, and all operations perform by him must be approved by the President.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will perform all duties assigned to him by the President and will be responsible for the team’s finances. Financial duties of the Treasurer include, but are not limited to: establishing a budget to present to the Student Senate for allocation of Club funds, establishing a budget for team travel, completing Club audit forms, and overseeing the Club’s account(s).

Secretary of Travel and Accommodations: The Secretary of Travel and Accommodations will be responsible for arranging means of travel and accommodations for all organized team trips. The Secretary of Travel and Accommodations will perform duties assigned to him by the President, and all actions taken must be approved by the President.

Secretary of Fields and Equipment: The Secretary of Fields and Equipment will be responsible for designing, ordering, and distributing all team apparel, equipment, and uniforms. He will also be responsible for assuring that our home field or venue is reserved and satisfactorily prepared for use prior to each home game, practice, or team function. The Secretary of Fields and Equipment will perform duties assigned to him by the President, and all actions taken must be approved by the President.

VI. Board Meetings
Meetings will be held when deemed necessary by the President or another officer, with approval from the President. Members of the Club Board will be required to attend every meeting, and meetings will scheduled at a time convenient for the majority of the Board. Each meeting will be scheduled at least one week in advance, though emergency meetings may be scheduled spontaneously should the situation warrant.

VII. Hazing and Discrimination
Hazing, defined as “1. to persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks, or 2. to initiate, as into some group, by exacting humiliating performances from or playing rough practical jokes upon without consent from the individual” will be tolerated in no fashion by the Club. Any member found to be hazing younger teammates or forcing other members to do anything they do not want to do will be immediately suspended. The member caught hazing will go before the Club Board, the matter will be discussed, and an appropriate punishment will be levied, ranging from a period of suspension to expulsion from the Club.

Discrimination, defined as “ treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit” will also not be practiced or tolerated by the Club. All members of the club will be evaluated by the coaching staff, and positions on the team and playing time will be allotted to players based on their skills, be those athletic leadership or organizational skills.

VIII. Purpose of the Constitution
The purpose of this Constitution is to protect the rights of the Lacrosse Club, its officers, and active members. The Constitution will be relied upon mandate the operation of the club, the expectation of its members, and the responsibilities of its officers. The Constitution will be made available to each member of the Club and should be relied upon for clarification of any rule or guideline within the Club.