New Club Recognition Process

Club Recognition is the process by which students propose the creation of a new club.

Eligibility Requirements

The following criteria must be met before club status is considered.

Mission Statement:

The club's purpose and function must be consistent with the mission statement of the institution(s). A clearly defined statement on how the club's mission is consistent with the mission of the institution(s) and the Catholic, Benedictine tradition must be included in the constitution.


Membership is open to all CSB/SJU students exclusively. Currently enrolled students must be allowed to join any recognized club. Student club's agree to comply with the Institution’s Joint Human Rights Policy in regard to membership. Clubs must have at least 10 student members in order to be recognized.


A club must have a constitution that clearly states its purpose and function. Please follow the constitution template on the Student Leadership & Engagement website as closely as possible. New constitutions should be submitted electronically to and to Dylan Maanum ( Contact Dylan Maanum at x2211 if you have questions.


All student clubs require advisors who are employees of CSB/SJU. Advisors must complete an Advisor Contract for club recognition, and each year after that as part of club registration.

Institutional Policy:

Student clubs are required to comply with all institutional policies and procedures as listed in the Bennie Book and the J-Book.

Joint Club Board (JCB):

Student clubs must comply with the Joint Club Board Guidelines. The guidelines devised by the Joint Club Board apply to both joint and individual campus clubs.

The JCB evaluates whether a potential club meets start-up guidelines. It assesses the constitution of each proposed club and votes on whether to recognize the club or not. 

Once a club has been officially approved, the JCB works with the organization to ensure that JCB guidelines are being met and that the club receives the necessary support. The JCB also reviews club grievances and develops club/organization policy.

Procedures for New Student Club Recognition

Students are welcomed to initiate and organize clubs whose stated purpose is consistent with the two institution’s mission statements and its Catholic, Benedictine tradition.

Recognition of a student club by the institution is an acknowledgment that the club has complied with all eligibility requirements and recognition procedures. Recognition also implies that the institution approves of the organization’s constitution and bylaws. Access to certain benefits (listed below) are available to recognized organizations.

A. Potential Clubs must submit the following paperwork to Student Leadership & Engagement one full week prior to the date that the Joint Club Board convenes to consider the club proposal:

  1. A completed Club Recognition Form including the name of an advisor, a list of club officers, and a list of initial members -- potential clubs must have a minimum of 10 initial members.
  2. A copy of the club's constitution. Also, email copies of your constitution to and to

Click here to see a template for creating a club constitution.

A signed Advisor Contract.

B. Potential clubs who require the use of CSB and/or SJU indoor or outdoor athletic facilities to achieve the club's mission must obtain the approval of the CSB Club Sports Commissioner and the SJU Athletics Coordinator before submitting a proposal to the Joint Club Board.

C. Faith based clubs must obtain approval by CSB and SJU Campus Ministry prior to submitting a proposal to the Joint Club Board.

D. When all application materials are completed submitted to Student Leadership & Engagement-, Mary Hall 025, the proposed club's file is ready for review by the JCB.

Review Process:

  • The JCB will review the materials. The JCB will consult with the appropriate staff, faculty, advisors and/or student groups before considering granting or denying recognition of the proposed club. The JCB considers the following questions when evaluating a new club proposal: 
    • Is the club beneficial to the student body in a way that is worthy of the commitment of institutional resources?
    • Is the club inclusive and welcoming to all CSB/SJU students? 
    • Will the club sponsor events that are inclusive and welcoming to all CSB/SJU students?
    • Are the club's activities, mission and goals consistent with the Benedictine Values?
    • Is the club unique?  Does it duplicate the efforts of another club?
    • Is the proposed club sustainable over time?
    • Are there at least ten students who will be active club members?
    •  Is the club managed by CSB/SJU students?
    • Do the club's election and management procedures reflect a concern for the interests of all potential students?
    • Will the potential club maintain its financial accounts at CSB/SJU and comply with institutional financial policies?
    • Will the club's funding be used primarily for events for CSB/SJU students?
  • The JCB votes to recognize or deny the proposed student club. If recognized, the co-chairs sign off on the Recognition Form. This form is then sent to Student Leadership & Engagement.

Benefits of Recognition

CSB/SJU recognized clubs are eligible for access to a number of services and benefits which currently include the following:

  1. Recognition as an institutionally-affiliated group
  2. Use of the institution's name in the club's title and in association with the club's activities
  3. Listing of the club in official publications of the institution including the Bennie Book and the J-Book
  4. Consideration for funding during the academic year
  5. Options for requesting to hold fundraising events and solicitation
  6. Use of institutional printing services
  7. Use of media services equipment
  8. Inclusion in the annual club fair
  9. Access to the staff, resources, and services of Student Leadership & Engagement
  10. General coverage provided under institutional insurance
  11. Use of the CSB/SJU Bulletin Board App for advertising.