African Student Association




ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose 


The official name- African Student Association at College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s University, hereinafter referred to by the official abbreviation of A.S.A. at CSB/SJU.

SECTION 2: Affiliation

The African Student Association shall abide by the applicable rules and policies of the College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s University pertaining to student groups and follow all local, state, and federal laws.

SECTION 3: Purpose

The African Student Association shall serve as a CSB/SJU student club that promotes accurate awareness of the cultural, political, economic, and intellectual aspects of the African continent and the African diaspora where all students can come and join discussions and activities that concentrate on those aspects.

ARTICLE II: Membership and Voting Criteria 

SECTION 1: Membership

Membership is open to all College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s University students. Non-students [e.g., faculty/staff/alumni] are not allowed to be participating members, but they can be supportive affiliates. One can become a member on the executive board of the African Student Association by completing an application provided by the club.

SECTION 2: Voting Criteria

In order to vote, members must attend 50% or more of the events and meetings organized by the club. The removal of voting rights due to lack of participation is the consequence of not attending fifty percent of ASA meetings.

The ASA executive board will make the general decisions for the club however, in case of a large event (i.e. Africa Night) the president of the ASA will conduct voting for a particular idea, event, project, etc. for voting members. Any changes or new developments made by the ASA executive board will be reported to the club in the next ASA meeting.

SECTION 3: Removal of an Elected Officer

The removal of members will be decided through an investigation and hearing by the executive board of the African Student Association. However, removal will not be the first resort if there are other actions of compromise to take in the case that a situation occurs


SECTION 1: Position Qualifications

All officers must be current CSB/SJU students and has attended 50% of the meetings.

SECTION 2: Elected Positions

a. President

b. Vice president

c. Treasurer

d. Secretary

e. Public Relations Liaison

SECTION 3: Duties of Officers

  1. The President; presides at meetings, callss special meetings, run the election process, will appoint committee chairs when the committees are formed.
  2. The Vice President; assumes the President's duties in his/her absence, schedules meeting/practice rooms/facilities, primary contact with the JCB, plans member/officer training programs, other
  3. Treasurer;  keeps all financial records, submits monthly audit statements to CFB contact, notifies organization of financial issues, prepares budget/allocation requests,
  4.  Secretary; takes and distributes minutes of all club meetings, keeps records,notifies members of meetings, handles the official correspondence of the club
  1.  Public Relations Liaison; promotes activities of the ASA  and encourages the student population to get involved with the ASA.

SECTION 4: Vacancy in Office

In the absence of a President, Vice president will take the role of the president. In the absence of the VP, the secretary will take the role of the Vice president and any other member of the executive board that has a vacancy. In these special occasions, an executive officer can hold a second position until the special elections are concluded.

SECTION 5: Removal of Officers

When an executive board member violates an institutional or constitutional rule, they will have to undergo a probation period. Upon a second offense to an institutional or constitutional rule, they will be immediately removed from office. When an executive board member or voting member files a complaint/violation about what an executive board member has done, they have to file the complaint with the ASA president. The president will then bring the case to the executive board where they will decide on a hearing of impeachment. 


SECTION 1: Impeachment

The removal of members will be measured through a three strike rule. Complaints must be presented to the president and the executive board of the African Student Association. A hearing will be conducted where the defendant will have the opportunity to defend their case in front of the executive board. The process will be overseen/advised by the Faculty Advisor. The decision of impeachment will be made after the hearing.

SECTION 2: Resignation

Resignation should be in writing and submitted to the board two weeks prior to departure. Upon resignation, the individual relinquishes all assigned duties.  

Article V: Elections

SECTION 1: Nomination Process

Candidates will be nominated by self-nomination only.

SECTION 2: Election

Elections for executive officials will take place every May and will be conducted by the current ASA president.

SECTION 3: Special Elections

In the case of a special election, members will notified that there is a position available and members interested in filling the position will have to send their platforms the before the next meeting.

Article VI : Advisor

SECTION 1: Selection

An advisor will be chosen at the discretion of the executive board. An ASA advisor must be a staff or faculty member of CSB or SJU.

SECTION 2: Duties

The faculty advisor's main responsibility is to help guide the ASA to fulfill its missions. It is also a responsibility of the faculty advisor to follow the guidelines as stated by the advisor contract

Article VII: Meetings

SECTION 1: Regular Meeting/Club Activities

The ASA will meet on a bi-weekly basis. Members will be notified via email.

SECTION 2: Special Meetings

Special meetings will be called by the President in case of special circumstances or an important event. Members will be notified.

SECTION 3Rule of Order

ASA will meet once every two weeks for an hour for their club meeting. The officers will meet separately the week prior to the ASA meeting to plan the agenda. The group will also meet at various times through the semester for speakers, events, etc.


In the case of an event of a vote, a two-thirds attendance of voting members is required for a vote to occur.

Article VIII: Committees

SECTION 1: Committee Structure 

There is not committees formed at this time. If some are formed they must fall under the title of an executive member’s position and that executive member is responsible for the committee.

ARTICLE  IX: Finances

SECTION 1: Funding  

If allocated resources, the ASA club will follow all CFB and institutional regulations, and keep all club funds in on-campus accounts.


No officers will be given an honorariums or stipends from the ASA.


No dues shall be paid.

ARTICLE X: Amendments

SECTION 1: Ratification

At the beginning of every academic year, the constitution is subject to revision. Changing of anything on the constitution has to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the voting members.


Any changes made to this constitution must be submitted to the Department of Student Activities and the JCB.


The African Student Association admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.


The African Student Association considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. The African Student Association recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.

Article XIII

The African Student Association agrees that it’s activity, mission statement and goals are consisten with the Benedictine Values.