Residency Requirement

As a residential liberal arts college, the College of Saint Benedict supports the holistic development of women within the context of living and learning in community. Foundational to our identity as a Benedictine institution, we believe that living on campus is a vital part of the student experience and provides students with opportunities to explore social, leadership, gender and relational aspects of development.  Reflective of this commitment, CSB requires that all full-time students live in college housing.

Exceptions to Residency Requirement 

Exceptions to the residency requirement are reserved for students who request a qualified exemption due to meeting qualified exemption criteria or due to a unique circumstance. Exemptions to the residency requirement are limited and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Qualified Exemption - Meets Criteria

Students who meet one or more of the following criteria, may request a qualified exemption from the residency requirement:

  • Students who are married or who have dependent children living with them.
  • Students who are over the age of 23 on the first day of fall semester or who have attended 8 or more semesters as a full-time college student.
  • Part -time students, those enrolled for less than 12 credits for fall semester. This is intended for those graduating mid-year who have fewer than 12 credits to complete or limited other unique circumstances.
  • Continuing Ed Students; or
  • Students registered for a minimum of 8 credits for an internship, clinical/capstone or student teaching more than 30 miles from campus during the fall semester. Student must be able to provide documentation of the internship/capstone/student teaching at time of request if based upon these criteria. 

To request a qualified exemption from the residency requirement due to meeting one or more of the above criteria, please complete the Residency Requirement Exemption Form.

Qualified Exemption - Disability

CSB is committed to providing reasonable on-campus housing accommodations to students. CSB offers a wide variety of flexible housing options that can accommodate a broad range of access-related needs. Students seeking a qualified exemption due to a disability, including mental health conditions may contact Student Accessibility Services directly or complete the Residency Requirement Exemption Form.

Qualified Exemption - Unique Circumstance

Students who do not meet the criteria above may request a qualified exemption to  due to a unique and/or significant circumstance if their permanent home address is within 30 miles of the CSB campus. Submitting a request does not guarantee that a student will receive an exemption to live at their permanent home address.

  • Students must demonstrate unique and/or significant extenuating circumstance(s) that can be documented and would merit consideration for an exemption.
  • In their request, students will need to demonstrate a clear plan for how they will remain an involved and active member of the community at CSB while living at their permanent home address.
  • Students may be invited to meet with the housing appeals committee to review their request.
  • Requests based on the inability to select desired housing in the room selection process or to obtain exemption to live in rental housing off campus will not be reviewed.
  • Be aware, as living at home reduces your cost of attendance, any exemption offered will likely result in a reduction to your financial aid. Any questions about this should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid prior to seeking an exemption.

To request a qualified exemption from the residency requirement due to a unique circumstance, please complete the Residency Requirement Exemption Form.


Housing Appeals Committee
The Housing Appeals Committee reviews appeals, petitions and special requests received from students regarding requests for exemption and any releases from the CSB Campus Housing Agreement.  The Housing Appeals Committee includes Residential Life representative (usually an RD), the Director of Housing, Assistant Dean of Students, member of CSB Administrative Staff from area other than Residential Life.  All members sign a confidentiality agreement in connection to all information in the appeals process.

Directions for submitting a Qualified Exemption Request from the Residency Requirement

Complete all necessary forms. All materials should be submitted online* using the Request for Exemption from the Residency Requirement any additional documentation may be sent to: 

Associate Director of Residential Life & Housing   
CSB – Academic Services Building
37 South College Avenue
Saint Joseph, MN 56374  
In some instances, for example if documentation is difficult to provide given the nature of a request, the housing appeals committee may request to meet with the student to allow them to answer questions concerning the request. If students choose not to attend the committee meeting the committee’s decision will be based on any written documentation provided.
Those making a request will be notified via e-mail of the Housing Appeals Committee's decision.
The Appeals Committee will review requests as follows:
  • June - review requests from incoming first year or transfer students. An additional review may be done in early August if additional requests are received – Requests for exemption due June 1
  • November/December - review of appeals for mid-year enrollees and those appealing for the following academic year - Requests for exemption due November 1
  • Requests for exemption must be made in a timely manner. Please be aware that administrative timelines often prevent review of late applications until June when the committee meets to review requests from incoming students.  Additionally, we offer no guarantee that any offers of exemption will be made nor that any adjustment to your selection made during room selection in April will occur.
 Students whose requests are not granted have the right to file a written appeal of the decision within five (5) business days of receipt of notification of the outcome of their request. A student may appeal the initial determination of the housing appeals committee and request further consideration for any of the following conditions:
  • Alleged procedural errors which substantially affected the review of the request
  • Introduction of new information that would likely affect the decision

Please contact CSB Residential Life & Housing at ext. 5580 if you have any questions.

*If an alternate form of the materials are needed please contact CSB Residential Life & Housing for assistance