Where is everyone?

As the College of Saint Benedict campus comes to life for a new academic year, it’s only natural to ask the obvious question: Where IS everyone? The last 6-12 months of healthy construction, renovation and consolidation are the result of impactful investments, and they’re sure to provide an improved experience for students, staff and guests. But first, we want to make sure you can find your way to the people and places you need. 

The list below highlights the current locations of offices affected by the latest construction projects and office changes. This information, along with an updated CSB map, should provide a helpful start and point you in the right direction. 

A series of open houses will be hosted in the renovated spaces this fall. Watch the Bulletin Board for details. 

Thanks to all for your input, patience and partnership.

Brad Sinn

Academic Affairs, Upper Mary Commons

            (Also in the Quad at SJU) 

Academic Assessment and Effectiveness, Upper Mary Commons 

Admission Welcome Center, Schoenecker Commons

The new welcome center includes staff offices, along with a welcome area for prospective students and their families.
(Admission offices also located in the Quad at SJU) 

CSB Business Office, Schoenecker Commons

            (Note: Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices remain on the second floor of Main) 

Experience and Professional Development (XPD), Academic Services Building

(Also in Mary Hall at SJU) 

Henrita Academic Building (HAB)

Classroom spaces in the HAB got a makeover over this summer, which will impact the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and students across many departments. 

Human Resources, Schoenecker Commons

            (Also in the Quad at SJU) 

CSB Institutional Advancement, Schoenecker Commons 

Institutional Planning and Research, Upper Mary Commons 

Main Building

While construction continues in the Main Building, offices for Economics, Student Accounts and Financial Aid are open along with new classroom spaces. Offices for Computer Science, Mathematics and Psychology will move next summer. (Nursing offices and classrooms remain on the fourth floor.)   

Marketing and Communications, Schoenecker Commons

            (Also in the Quad at SJU) 

Media Services (still located in Clemens Library) is now named Instructional Technology 

CSB President’s Office, Upper Mary Commons 

Saint Benedict Athletics Complex, next to Renner House

Varsity softball and soccer held their first home games on the new athletics fields last year, and we’re ready to continue to welcome Bennie athletes and fans this year. The new athletics building includes office and conference space and an athletic training room. 

CSB Student Development, Murray Hall

Student Development offices have moved within Murray Hall and now include Campus Ministry and Residential Life. 

CSB Sustainability, Main Floor Mary Commons 

St. Wendelin Hall, near Schoenecker Commons

Construction continues in St. Wendelin Hall, making new homes for the Admission Call Center, CSB Annual Giving Call Center and a photography studio.