Nursing Department

$2.5 million renovation completed December 2015

The Nursing Department is located on the fourth floor of the Main Building at CSB. It was designed long before sweeping changes came to the medical field, in terms of both pedagogy and technology. As such, CSB undertook a renovation making it a state-of-the art education facility.

The new facility prepares future nurses to meet current and emerging health care demands by creating a realistic work environment.

The redesigned area includes:

Six simulation rooms, which are small, flexible spaces that look like actual patient care settings. (The old setting resembled more of a hospital ward.) The rooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted cameras and microphones, so students can record and analyze their experiences.

Additionally, the redesigned area includes:

  • A simulation control center where faculty members can control the blood pressure and heart rate of the manikins, vocalizations of the manikins and monitors in the room. Faculty members are also able to observe multiple simulations going on at the same time.
  • Two interactive classrooms, where faculty members can circulate throughout the room observing high-impact problem solving activities such as a patient and family scenario.
  • A large contextual-learning/practice laboratory where students move between group problem solving and hands-on psychomotor skill practice. It is an ideal space for faculty to observe multiple students during practice simulations.
  • A fully functional nurses' station — the hub of any hospital unit. Students prepare for entering the simulation rooms to provide care. At this station, students and faculty create a setting for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • A seminar space for small group meetings (up to 18 students) to conduct business, discussions and presentations. 

Pictures of newly renovated space

Nurses StationPatient Room

Nursing Department Photo Gallery