Initiate a Project with Alumnae Relations

The Alumnae Relations office stands ready to connect CSB/SJU departments with over 24,000 alumnae. Whether you are planning an event or wish to send communication to CSB alums, Alumnae Relations can assist you with branding your communication and ensuring you have the most up-to-date alumnae contact information.

Ways you might work with Alumnae Relations:
  • Collaborative Projects:  Alumnae Relations and another campus partner builds content and shares leadership together
  • Communication Requests:  A campus department requests assistance in communicating to the CSB alumnae base to promote events, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Joint/coordinate partnership projects:  Another department works with both the CSB and SJU offices of alumnae/i relations to plan an event
Who might want to work with Alumnae Relations:
  • Student clubs, academic departments, student services, other IA staff, administrative offices, athletics, monastery.
Recommended timeline for working with Alumnae Relations:
  • Planning timeline (for events or activities) takes typically 2-4 weeks before we are ready to market the event.
  • Marketing timeline is 6-8 weeks prior to the event.
  • Simple e-mails take 3-5 business days to format and send.

This form is an opening to a conversation with one of our talented team members. The information you provide here will help us better understand your goals and objectives and how we can help you find just the right solutions.

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