2021 Advent Calendar

December 9

On the front lines of healing

Healthcare is especially challenging work these days, and the individuals who choose this path are truly heroes. Let's offer a special prayer for those who care for the sick and ask for protection, courage and grace on their journey.

A Blessing for Caregivers During COVID-19
From Catholic Health Association of the United States 

May you see with tender eyes
The wounds of those before you.
May you hear with well-tuned ears
The unspoken needs of those whose voices are muted.
May you hold with gentle hands
The bodies and the spirits of those you care for.
The wholeness of being

May the beauty of soul,
The strength of spirit,
Lead you, inspire you
And let you know your own
Beauty of soul,
Strength of spirit,
Wellness of being.
May you know that,
As you care for others,
God cares for you, sees you,
Holds you tenderly.

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