2021 Advent Calendar

December 18

Here’s a gift you can give

There are young people in your life who would make amazing Bennies and Johnnies. They can gain some of the same experiences you had as a student. And we can benefit from the unique and diverse voices they’ll bring to our community. You’re in a position to help make all that happen.

Talk to them about CSB/SJU. Then submit a referral online. That’s all it takes to earn them the Alum Referral Scholarship–$1,000 per year, renewable for four years. That’s a $4,000 gift from you. And we sure would be grateful for your help in strengthening our class of 2026 (and beyond).

Look at you, doing all that giving. Bennies are generous like that.

The deadline to refer a student graduating from high school in 2022 is January 15. You don’t have to wait until they’re seniors though — refer a freshman and give them plenty of time to think about becoming a Bennie or Johnnie.