2021 Advent Calendar

December 16

Slowwwwww … dowwwwwwwn

If you were on the Advent calendar journey last year with us, you may have experienced your first "Christmas Stretching in a Pug Sweater" relaxation session. It's real. It's good. And it's back.

Experience a relaxing, low-intensity stretching session with CSB Dance Team coach and Director of Alumnae Relations Anne Sumangil ’99. It’s simple, accessible for all fitness levels*, and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. All it takes is 15 minutes to stretch out, loosen up and center yourself. In fact, as we head into the week of Christmas, you might want to plan on coming back to visit this one a few times!

*By participating in this stretching video, you acknowledge that if you or anyone is injured, or if your property is damaged during participation, you shall admit to any applicable court of law or dispute-related proceeding that you have waived the right to bring any action or maintain any lawsuit against the College of Saint Benedict and all related directors, officers, staff, employees, agents, volunteers, participants or other related persons or entities on the basis of any claim.