M. Abul Fazal

bioanalytical chemistry

Lisa Gentile

biological chemistry

Kate Graham

natural products chemistry

Brian Johnson

inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry

Ed McIntee

organic and medicinal chemistry

Alicia Peterson, Department Chair

organometallic and environmental chem

Raigoza Annette

physical chemistry

Chris SchallerChris Schaller

organic and organometallic chemistry

Christen Strollo

analytical/environmental chemistry

Visiting Assistant Professors:
  • Engstrom, Lisa
  • Harvey, Tom
  • Peters, Regina
  • Krautkramer, Elyse
  • Forero Bello, Paola, Stockroom Manager
  • Huber, Dave (emeritus)
  • Jakubowski, Henry (emeritus)
  • McKenna, Anna (emerita)
  • Rioux, Frank, (emeritus)
  • Ross, Mike (emeritus)
  • Schomer OSB, Carleen (ermerita)
  • White, Richard, (emeritus)
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