Tom Wicka '90

Tom Wicka is the Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and co-owner of IWCO Direct. He has an exceptional track record in successful sales strategies, sales close ratio, defining unarticulated customer needs, and customer collaboration. At IWCO Direct Tom continues to seek innovative solutions for customers and prospects, and articulates IWCO Direct's vertical solution value proposition to the marketplace.

Tom joined IWCO Direct in January 2001 as an equity partner with Jim Anderson, IWCO Direct CEO. Together they grew the direct mail manufacturer form $84mm in 2001 to an estimated $302mm in 2008. IWCO Director provides direct marketing services to the nation's Top 200 companies. IWCO is focused on providing ease of doing business, postage optimization and enhancing response rates for the customer in direct mail campaigns. The business has been sold twice in the past four years to private equity companies in a limited auction process.

Prior to joining IWCA Direct Tom was employed by Banta Direct Marketing for 11 years serving in several capacities including sales and sales management in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Minnesota.

Tom is a Cretin High School alumnus, and he graduated from St. John's in 1990 with a degree in management. He is married to Angela. They have two children, Nash (9) and Coco (5) and they live in Minneapolis. Tom oversees a private foundation called The Nash Avery Foundation, which he and Angela founded after Nash was diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting disease. The Foundation is focused on funding developing service that creates treatment or cures for this killer of a disease.