Linda Hutchinson

Linda Hutchinson '70

Linda is a "farm kid" from Hayfield, MN, aspired to be a "town kid," and made it. She is the first in her family to receive a college education and a Masters in Theology from the University of St. Catherine. Linda is a national keynote speaker, bestselling author, and adult educator with over 30 years of professional experience designing and delivering educational programs for large and small corporations, non-profit organizations, and professional associations. She delivered keynote programs for the state human resource conference (MN SHRM), MN Medical Managers, and Healthcare Human Resources Conference (HHRAM). She traveled throughout the country presenting for the Hazelden and  Betty Ford Center Women's Conferences.

During the '70s she was the Coordinator of the Education Exploration Center, a regional resource center for parents and teachers committed to improving education. Miriam Wasserman invited Linda to collaborate on an anthology, Teaching Human Dignity: Social Change Lessons for Every teacher, self-published in 1978, 10,000 copies sold. In 2004, after spending a school year with the Sisters of St. Benedict in the Stadium, a program for writing and research, Linda published Laugh and Live: Reclaiming Your Sense of Humor (3000 copies sold, no longer in print).  Her latest book, Laugh Yourself Happy: Kids Say Delightful Things (2014) is a bestselling Amazon eBook.

Prior to starting her own company in 1992, Linda was a professional educator for Hazelden and Wilder Foundation. Linda has been an adjunct faculty for the College of St. Catherine teaching courses on Spirituality and Sexuality, Christian Life Stages, and Spirituality and Humor. Linda knows more about humor and about the relationship between spirituality and sexuality than 98.5% of the people on the planet. That is spirituality and sexuality from an academic point of view, ha! Did you know 71% of all statistics are made up, including this one and that one?

Linda's latest adventure is being licensed as an Avatar® Master; she team teaches a course in personal awareness and spiritual growth with people from all over the world (77countries).

Looking forward, Linda has been invited to present a Tedx Talk in January 2017.

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