Jim Wolford

Jim Wolford is not a typical CEO. Born in Nebraska as the youngest of five siblings, Jim did not have an affluent upbringing. Jim started a lawn care company at thirteen to fund himself through private high school and university. Today Jim owns four companies, employs 95 employees (growing at 45% per year), and has brought in over $100M in revenues over the past 10 years. In 2001, Jim founded Atomic Data on his understandings of management of risk and leveraging IT to serve the needs of business. The company has grown to include 24/7 network operations and nine data centers worldwide. Jim does not serve on any boards--no board would be able to handle his blunt delivery or fast-paced decision-making. Instead, Jim assists a variety of non-profit organizations with technological consultation and strategic direction, also garnering fundraising for them in the process. Through Jim's companies, he has sponsored American Refugee Committee, Lifeworks, First Covenant Church of Minneapolis, Twin Cities Pride, Graywolf Press, Environmental Initiative, Autism Society of Minnesota, Fresh Energy, International Wolf Center and more. Jim's companies regularly support the community through organized volunteer projects, and Jim has strived to build the business culture around the foundation of giving and volunteering. Jim's employees have volunteered and supported Open Arms of Minnesota, Habitat for Humanity, have even led a full-blown campaign to raise funds and awareness for refugee camps in Uganda. Prior to his co-founding Atomic Data, Jim was the Chief Business Strategist at Visi.com where he grew the business-to-business client base to over ten thousand clients. Preceding Visi.com, Jim developed his foundation in sales and corporate risk management at Mutual of Omaha, Mass Mutual and Melnychuk Financial. When not working, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, cigar smoking, and building volunteer networks.