Dusan Kosic


 Dusan Kosic ‘07

Dusan Kosic is a co-owner and serves as a managing partner of HTEC Group, 3rd fastest growing technology company in Central and Eastern Europe with 1777% growth in 5 years, providing technology RnD for global leaders such as Intel Technologies, Philips Research, SAP and many other companies from USA and EU. Currently Dusan is focusing on nurturing further HTEC growth via establishing global cooperation partnerships.
Via HTEC ventures, he co-invests in current portfolio of 7 start-ups, focusing most actively on medical (tele-medicine) industry creating cutting edge cardiac remote monitoring and diagnosis technology.

Upon SJU graduation ‘07, Dusan was invited in Belgrade, Serbia to assist government in attracting and supporting Foreign Direct Investments in the country, supervising greenfield investments of major players in the electronics industry such as Panasonic and Leoni.

With clear understanding and firm belief that only entrepreneurial spirt can improve peoples’ lives, with his partners Dusan set out to support fragile and embryonic entrepreneurial ecosystem in country and region by establishing business angels network in 2009. Being first of its kind this initiative resulted in: 5 international conferences, 35 leading USA and EU investors as guest speakers, 1200+ attendees, creating trigger for faster ecosystem development and growing number of its supporters from public and private sectors.

Prior to fully focusing on HTEC Group, in 2010/11, Dusan played key role in establishing $8.5M Innovation Investment Fund, focusing on investing in early stage technology start-ups.

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Dusan received Whalen Family Foundation scholarship and graduated from St. John’s University in 2007.