Dan Korman '71

Dan Korman is the founder and Partner in Korman Marketing Group (KMG) based in Dallas, Texas. KMG provides Experiential Marketing solutions that build and enhance consumer loyalty, channel performance and employee productivity. "We create environments that inspire customers, sales people and employees to purchase, sell or deliver our clients' brands and their associated promises." With more than 100 employees, KMG and its Senior Management Team possess a wealth of combined experience in designing and building successful Experiential Marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Dan Korman has more than 30 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods and technology industries, with particular expertise in trade and channel marketing and sales management, both in the U.S. and internationally. In addition to his experience with Scott Paper Company and Texas Instruments, Dan, in the mid 1980's, co-founded and later sold a marketing and sales support company. In 1998, with a mission to address clients' marketing communications needs through the emerging medium of Experiential Marketing, he formed Korman Marketing Group.

Dan believes that every project KMG undertakes must be grounded in the client's business goals and marketing and sales objectives. To supplement and support this vision, KMG adheres to a structured approach for program design and execution, as well as to a code of conduct that ensures the integrity of its client relationships.

Dan lives in Dallas with his wife Elaine Kauffman. He has lived in Dallas for over 18 years, he says primarily because of his aversion to cold and snow.