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Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that can be used to challenge student understanding and assess comprehension of course material. The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes can also be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded.

Canvas Has Four Different Types of Quizzes:

1. Graded Quiz

The most common quiz and rewards students points based on their quiz responses.

2. Practice Quiz

A practice quiz is a learning tool to see how well users understand course material without providing a grade.

3. Graded Survey

A graded survey rewards student with points for completing a survey but grading is not based on right or wrong answers.

4. Ungraded Survey

An ungraded survey obtains opinions or other information without providing a grade.

When Would I Use Quizzes as an Instructor?

  • Create new quizzes with individual questions and question groups
  • Set up question banks
  • Import external quizzes
  • Show one quiz question at a time
  • Create quizzes for all students, individual students, or course sections

When Would I Use Quizzes as a Student?

  • Test your knowledge of course material
  • View all available quizzes in your course
  • Submit quizzes in your course
  • View quiz questions one at a time or all at once (depending on instructor preference)
  • Review quiz results

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